Thoughts on what to do with basement floor found under ripped up carpet : HomeImprovement

I ripped up the carpet in our basement with a size of roughly 20’ x 15’. I still have another night of prying out staples with needle nose pliers (I’d estimate there are probably 200 or so staples), but I’m almost ready to vacuum and then mop/clean the floor. Not sure what to do after that.

I’m not sure if this is just considered a subfloor (1880s house, no idea when the basement was finished) but to me it seems to be in ok condition. In one of the photos you can see they seemed to leave a small part of the floor unpainted so you can see the original floor. Any idea what wood this is?

We’ve done A LOT of paid house projects lately so I don’t have a big budget here. Ideally I’d hire someone to remove the old wood and put in brand new hard wood, but that’s not going to happen. My wife wants to simply paint the floor, but I’m thinking we should do something more.

I was thinking of at least hiring someone to sand the floor. Then we’d paint it and… seal it? Or should we not even bother sanding? Just clean, paint and do some kind of seal on?

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