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I’m looking to attempt to fix the places in my patio that have started to break due to the sand/dirt underneath eroding. I’ve saved most of the pieces that have come out.

My plan is to:

  • pull up the surrounding affected areas

  • fill with sand and pack down as best I can

  • lay down some grout below where I will try to replace the pieces that came out

  • fill in the remaining gaps with grout

What am I completely missing here? I’m not completely a noob to something like this but I’m also not too confident in my plan

Should I do my best to knock off the grout on the existing tile pieces that I pull out before placing them back in?

I understand that the fixed places won’t exactly match but I am hoping this will be a medium term fix without having to replace the whole surface. For reference this is an elevated back patio surrounded by brick as a retainer. As of know I’m not sure how the dirt/sand under the patio is eroding.

Many thanks in advance!

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