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So I use a portable dehumidifier (300W, 1.5A) like this one:


I don’t want to leave it on all the time but I don’t want to turn it on/off manually again and again. So I decided to get a mechanical timer plug


My question: is it safe to use these things (for me and and for the machine)? To make this work, I basically need to turn on the dehumidifier permanently and the timer plug cuts off power at the source at the programmed times. This is akin to switching on/off the dehumidifier from the wall socket as opposed to gently pressing the power switch on the dehumidifier itself.

I wouldn’t really care about doing this for cheap stuff like lights but the dehumidifier costs a decent amount.

TLDR: is it safe to turn appliances like a dehumidifer on/off from the source as opposed to the button on the machine itself?

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