Transmitter doesn’t always close the garage door. But it always opens the door, when returning home. : HomeImprovement

Garage Door Opener: 20yo Liftmaster with receiver
Transmitter type: rolling code
Hardwired button switch on the garage wall

Symptom: When I leave home, I press the wall switch to open the garage door, get in the car, reverse the car back out of garage. Then when I press the transmitter button, sometimes (like 5 out of 10) the door won’t close. (car homelink won’t work either) To close the door, I go inside the garage, press the hard switch and run out.

The weird thing is when I return home, the transmitter (and car’s homelink) always work 100% to open the door.

FYI, there’s no LED bulbs nearby.

How to fix?

UPDATE there’s no bulb in the opener. I took it out. So no LED interference. Does transmitter require a bulb?
UPDATE the transmitter won’t open door either, immediately following the hard switch closing the door. So it has nothing to do with obstruction/laser sensor.
UPDATE after 5-10 minutes of operating opener (either by hard switch or transmitter), opener makes a click sound (I suppose this is when the light bulb goes off). After that, the transmitter works as normal. Is there any way to shorten how long the light bulb is on?
UPDATE garage is facing west so sunlight doesn’t affect my sensors.
UPDATE discussed the same issue and the solution is replacing bad capacitor (35V 330uf). A $3 part + soldering should fix it. I ordered the part.
UPDATE called liftmaster and after explaining everything including different bulbs, they concluded failing logic board, which costs $75 (out of warranty). No way I’m paying for that.

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