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Hi all,

I’m encapsulating my crawl space. One thing I want to avoid after my encapsulation is having a cat pee smell. I read an article about what this smell is and how it occurs here –

Long story short, it’s due to an ammonia smell in the soil that permeates through the vapor barrier. It can be mitigated with a soil gas mitigation system (radon system) or balancing the pH. I don’t have a radon problem, so I really don’t want to have to install a radon system after encapsulating, just to get rid of a smell.

I went ahead and did a soil test down there and got these results:

So I can see that my pH is too high and according to the article I posted, it should be closer to 7. How can I reduce the pH? My understanding is that I should add sulfur, but the soil test already said that the sulfur level was too high as well. So I’m confused.

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