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Hi there! Summer days are coming, and I want to find a way to reduce heat in my office. My appartment is very long and narrow, and it looks something like this, but even longer:

Unfortunately, our vertical AC is located in the only viable window of the appartment (don’t ask why, just assume). We’ve also tried a portable AC before in this window to output straight in the good direction, but it was generating a lot of pipe heat and wasn’t really efficient compared to our vertical AC. Overall, we’ve found that the vertical AC was the best performer in our situation. To compensate its awkward position, we’ve paired it with a basic tower fan to push the air in the office’s direction. However, even though it’s quite good, only the living room and the bedroom are properly cooled by it (around 22C during hot summer days). The office is not, and let me explain why.

Me and my girlfriend are both working in the office all day long with computers. I’m using two Macs for programming that are generating quite a lot of heat under load. The sun is also facing in the office during hot hours. It’s our room with the most natural light, and all our plants are located there, so we can’t simply cut the sun out (for our health too). The fact that we both also live in this room generates more heat, and with the AC, it reaches around 28C during hot summer days.

In my block, there are strict rules regarding DIY work (e.g. we can’t drill holes), because most units have been fully renovated (new isolation, walls, etc.). So, we are pretty limited with our options. We’ve tried to chain a few fans in-between the AC and the office, but it wasn’t doing anything substantial. We’ve considered buying a box fan with a good output to push the AC air toward the office, but I’m not sure it will make any difference. Do some of you have any idea? Thanks.

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