Trying to ‘Ghost hang’ my on wall tv, running into board between two studs : HomeImprovement

So in short I’m trying to have my power cables to my tv and other accessories attached to my tv by running a power strip with a long cable through the wall to the outlet utilizing 1-Gang Brush plates. I already have a plate at the top behind my tv for my antenna mounted in my attic. I want another brush plate so my power strip can be powered and wires can be hidden as much as possible.

While starting my project I put an endoscope camera down the current brush plate to make sure there were not any obstructions. Low and behold there is a horizontal board between the studs thus blocking my way of making getting power supplied to the power strip. I made a diagram please see below.

Does anyone have any advice of what I could do here other then cutting a large chunk of sheet rock out and manually feeding the cable down.?


Edit: Better diagram, items behind the wall are hashed.

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