Trying to replace my shower head but some parts seem weird? : HomeImprovement


First time doing any home improvement, thought a showerhead would be easy to start. But the guides online don’t match up with what I’m seeing in the bathroom.

The red labeled part in the picture is where I’d assume I’d need to loosen it, but that part is already 100% loose and just spins fully around.

The blue labeled part is what I think? Is the knut that I’d have to loosen then? But its very hard to get in to even with my needlenose pliers, (adjustable wrench couldn’t fit in at all) and its not budging, and I don’t even know if that’s the part that should be turning šŸ™

Please help a girl trying her best!

Edit: Its a 1.5GPM showerhead from AM Conservation Group. I’m in Canada if that helps.

I peeled off what looks like a sealant from above the ring. Additional pics: As far up as I can push the ring

From above

From below

Edit again: my landlord group is an asshole corporation that put the ring on to stop tenants from being able to change their showerheads.

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