TV stand screws stripped, but are they already screwed in enough to use the stand? (middle one is pretty much in, left and right are partially in) : HomeImprovement

So I stupidly tried using a drill screwdriver to force the screws in when they were being stubborn and instead just stripped the screws.

Found out that I can remove them with vampliers (bought them), but in the meantime and before I get replacement screws, I’m wondering if I can still use the TV.

My gut tells me that the screws are far enough in and given that they were already tough to screw in further, that they’re already tight.

The middle one is basically fully in, but the left and right ones aren’t. But they’re still tight.

Included below are photos of the three screws and photos of the stand on my other TV to give you a sense of things.

1: middle screw 2-3: left and right screws 4-6: TV stand on other TV

Thanks in advance for the advice!

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