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I’ve got a Pittsburgh Potty situation in my basement.

Actually in order to qualify as a PP I think it needs to be out in the open with no enclosing walls at all, so I’ll just call it a little tiny toilet hell room.

It was a mystery when we bought the house, but now I’m enlightened:

  • one purported reason these exist is so that if there’s a blockage in the sewer line, the basement toilet would overflow instead of a nicer toilet upstairs. That seems… useful?

  • the toilet’s on a platform because the main sewer line is not at floor level, so the toilet has to be higher.

I’m evaluating whether it’s worth doing an absolute min-cost DIY job to make this into a usable bathroom. I even have an extra toilet I could use! (Leftover from another job in the house). I’d move the walls to claim more space, and put a vanity in (I also have an extra vanity).

BUT then there’s the matter of the platform. The wood platform is deteriorating a bit and needs replacing.

I cannot find even ONE single photo of an actual NICE bathroom with the toilet on a platform so this makes me think…. maybe I figure out how to get rid of the platform? Tunneling into the concrete or modifying the main waste line is an absolute non-option so one possibility might be a back-outlet toilet–anyone used one of those?

I’ve read up on upward-flushing toilets but that seems excessive for this purpose. I’m trying to go the shortest possible distance to something you’d actually feel okay about using. (Also whoever decided they should be called MACERATING TOILETS needs to go to word jail.)

So I’m thinking maybe the platform stays in the picture. But the current one is wood and needs replacing.

If I stick with the platform idea…. what material should I use? What is the appropriate material for a toilet platform, a thing which according to most of the internet is some kind of inherent violation of basic taste and decency?

Anyone care to offer opinions on the situation in general? Should I just rip the whole thing out and get the drain plugged?

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