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I have a particular situation in the flat I rent: the kitchen counter where the stoves sits has quite a gap with the wall leading to a pantry.

My temporary fix made of cardboard is of course not really satisfying, but the main features are there: it should prevent food from falling into the pantry (which is difficult to access) and protect the window from splatter. But also, prevent the window from fully opening (quite windy at the 4th floor), but not from half-opening (no fume hood).

The constrains are as following:

  • I’m renting the flat, so screws holes are possible, but should be moderate

  • it should be removable when I leave the flat

  • the counter is mine, so modifications to it is totally possible

  • the counter was a pain to install, a solution I can slide is preferred, but if I don’t have another choice I am open to reinstall it

  • I should still have access to the pantry (small flat, every cm of space is precious)

  • Wood is preferred as I have limited tools and budget (and I’m a newbie)

  • The walls have a layer of BA-13 with enough room for heavy duty (25-40 kg) pins (is it the word in English for the thingy one puts in the wall the avoid the screws to tear it down?)

The tools I have access to:

  • screwdriver with drill capabilities

  • screwdriver attachments (jigsaw, sander)

  • circular saw

  • the basics of hand-tools

Some dimension, and more

I’ll take any suggestions, the ones moving away from this cardboard POC too , as I don’t even know what to be build to make something nice


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