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A few weeks ago I posted to ask whether to vent my bathroom exhaust fan through roof or side of the house. Based on the comments, I’ve decided to attempt a DIY project to vent it through the gable end of the house.

Album here: https://imgur.com/a/QTtFvyW

I have two questions that I hope to get your inputs:

  • Currently, I secure the connection point between the vent and the duct by using sealant + foil tape. Will this be enough for extreme weather? I live in the North eastern with hash winter so I’m just nervous about it.

  • I have two exhaust fans so I plan to connect the ducts of the two fans, then vent it out all together. Currently I’m worried that the air from one bathroom will go into another. Should I install a anti-backdraft damper to create an one way air flow? Is this necessary or am I thinking too much?

Thank you.

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