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I posted here recently about a bad smell coming from my HVAC unit when I turn on my AC. Most said I needed to clean my evaporator coils so I had a company come out today to do it.

The fins were very clean, but the area around the coils dirty. The coils were very rusty and inside of the ducts appear to have mold or mildew in them. You can see some black in the pictures.

The technician said we needed to install a UV light to get rid of the smell and clean up the air. He sprayed some Lysol on the fins and said it will help with the small.

I turned in the AC today and it still had a slight smell, but not as bad. The smell went away after a couple of hours.

My new questions based on today:

  1. The fins are clean, but the coils look pretty bad (assuming I have the terms correct). Do the coils need to be cleaned or replaced? Rust removed?

  2. The area just under the coils appears to be musty or dirty, does it need to be cleaned out?

  3. It looks like the duct has mold and/or mildew in it. Do I need to get that cleaned out? Is that normal?

  4. I looked at the top of the fins, is there a way or should I have looked under them?

  5. Do the UV lights help or make a difference?

  6. What do I need to do a out all of this?

Thank you for any help. It seems like the guy today didn’t want to do much other than to tell me about a UV light I can get installed.

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