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I live in a new condo building on the ground floor. There are 2 units above me. The top unit recently had some warping of their hardwood floor in the kitchen. They’ve lived there since last July and it just started. They thought that maybe it was something seasonal, and there wasn’t enough room for expansion / contraction. The builder came out and discovered that when the flooring people nailed in the baseboard to the wall, they punctured a pipe inside the wall.

The floor warping got so bad recently that it started to lift up the oven/range. I’m not sure why it suddenly got so bad – either the water flow in that pipe increased for some reason or the materials around it finally reached a saturation point.

The the unit below them also has some water marks on the ceiling and wall. That doesn’t look catastrophic, but it has us wondering how far the damage goes, and if our unit is affected.

Right now the owners of the top unit are arguing with the builder and insurance. Their homeowner’s insurance doesn’t want to cover it because they weren’t at fault. The builder doesn’t want to cover it because their fine print says they aren’t responsible for the damage caused by a workmanship issue. I guess on a home improvement subreddit that’s neither here nor there. But the point is that nobody is jumping in to save the day.

So from our perspective on the ground floor, what would be the prudent thing to do? Get someone out to open up walls and check for water damage and/or mold? So far we really have not seen any evidence of water anywhere.

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