Using adhesives instead of screws on kitchen/bathroom tiles? : HomeImprovement

I’ve bought this for the kitchen and this for the bathroom. Both are tiled with large, smooth white tiles (not sure the English term for those, but think your standard bathroom/kitchen tiles..) and would like to avoid drilling through the tiles when installing them, to avoid potential cracking and to avoid reducing re-sell value of the apartment. And, well, if possible it would be easier to use glue/adhesive since I’m not very familiar with drilling through tiles.

I’m a complete rookie when it comes to adhesives other than duct tape and super glue, so I have no clue if those items would be candidates for glueing(?) and if so, what type of adhesive should I use? I’ve already got this one from a previus “accidental” project. Would I be able to use that for these items?

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