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The problem I’m trying to solve for is a gutter downspout that currently ends up in a cramped area on one corner of the house. It also happens to be the downspout that captures the most water from the roof. Although there is a downward slope, I would like to avoid all that water landing in that area to begin with. I can’t just add an above-ground gutter extension because it would cross in front of the fence door to the backyard, so I am considering an underground solution as laid out in the diagram below:

The idea is to use a solid 4″ PVC to get the water away from the foundation, and that would end at a pop-up drain about 15 feet away from the house. The overflow from the pop-up drain would then go into a french drain with no pipe, that would run downhill for another 15 feet, turn, and run another 15 feet downhill.

Other notes:

– I’m not using a pipe for the french drain because I don’t have anywhere that I can evacuate the water (the neighbor behind the yard doesn’t want any sort of water being discharged from a pipe / running into their property).

– I would have a filter at the gutter to filter out any leaves / other stuff that comes through before it goes into the 4″ pipe.

– I would use a T joint so that the water goes into the pea gravel pit first before overflowing up the pop-up drain.

This is what I was able to come up with after lots of research and evaluating my yard, but is there anything I’m missing? Is this a good (or at least viable) approach?

Any thoughts or feedback would be welcome!

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