Virtually nonexistent insulation on ceiling of our upper half story : HomeImprovement

So we have been living in our new house since February. We were here during a pretty intense cold spell in Minnesota, and were aware that the upper bedroom gets pretty chilly as temps get closer to zero and below. We had assumed that there was about six inches of insulation between the sheetrock and roof on our sloped ceiling, and all space between the rafters was being utilized. Boy was I wrong! See the attached picture, which shows the space between the sheetrock and the roof deck. To me this looks like an opportunity to improve things quite a bit. What method of insulation would you all suggest? Would they be able to blow insulation all the way up there from this access point without removing the sheetrock? I’ve heard they can also poke small holes in the sheetrock and insulate through those. Any suggestions appreciated, as well as a cost estimate if you have any ideas.

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