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My furnace control valve failed. It is stuck on. I shut it off and I bought a compatible Robert Shaw replacement. Some of the fittings are different, and some other pieces need replacement.

Could someone help me find a replacement pilot line and pilot/thermopile bracket? I am having trouble finding one on amazon. What kind of pilot tube end fits in the new pilot outlet nut?

The only reason I want to buy a new pilot line is because it is a little hard to tighten the nut when installing onto the valve.

Should I not replace the pilot tubing so I dont need to find the right replacement part?
The old thermopile does not seem to be removable from it’s bracket. Either it is fixed or frozen in. Could I just reuse the old thermopile instead of replacing it?

Also, the thin old line was replaced with a fat new line. There should not be any problems caused by the wider new line.

Pics could be found here:


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