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Hello everyone.

I live in a townhouse that doesn’t have any grass. The front and back are tiled but the back is strictly a utility area. I want to covert 1/2 of the front into a landscaped area so my kids can have a place to play and to have something nice to look at. I have included a diagram of what I would like to do but I have some concerns because whenever we get heavy prolonged rain the front and back flood.

As you may see in the photo, the front is more or less enclosed in concrete walls, its also concrete to right of the car. The only inlet and outlet is the front gate.

When we get heavy rains, the street outside floods and the water level rises above that opening (circled in red). Once it does that, the water inside has no where to go but forward towards our house which is just a wall of slide glass doors. It’s not all disaster though because the the water only accumulates to right side of the support column because the left side is slightly higher. Both sides have bilge pumps installed and in the rare circumstance that the water rises high enough we block the sliding doors with sand bags. Water has not gotten inside the house but its come close a couple of times. The street floods 4-5 times a year.

What I am wondering is that if I do the following ( and as shown in the diagram), will it make my problem worse or will it possibly help:

The green area will be artificial grass that will just be placed on the tile with no adhesion. It will be held in place by concrete planters and bricks place on the edges of the grass.

The white area will be a small Japanese Garden. The border will be white bricks and concrete planters. I am going to lay the bricks sideways so the holes in the brick can be used as drainage so the bricks will create a border around 7cm tall. On one side of the border, the planters will make up part of the border. They are 30cm tall and 100cm long.

Inside of the border will be filled with a 6cm layer of gravel or small river rock pebbles to match what we seen in Japanese rock gardens. I will add some large rocks and plants and also a centerpiece Bonsai in the middle of the garden.

So will adding the landscaping help with managing the flow of the water or will it hurt it?

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