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I have a dual plug GFCI and it is getting tripped by the washing machine very quickly after it starts filling with water – maybe 20 seconds at most.

Photo of the outlet (https://imgur.com/gallery/ckhDDvx)

I tried switching to the other available outlet in the GFCI and it trips it either way.

I also have a dryer on the same GFCI outlet and it is not tripping it.

I would assume this basically guarantees the issue is not the GFCI outlet but instead the washing machine.

The washing machine is an LG and now 9 years old. Good machine, not a junk model. If this is a washing machine issue, would you think this is something worthy of an appliance repair person checking out or likely something that would require the machine to be replaced.

I know I am asking a lot without you having the chance to check it out. Just curious if any of this info can help come up with a common issue or likelihood of a common issue.

Thanks for any help!

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