Water damage near sliding door : HomeImprovement

First time home owner, wildly inexperienced, first time posting here, I’m very sorry for any mistakes or if I’ve left out obviously important info. Even more sorry if this is the dumbest question ever asked here. Any help is super appreciated.

Here are the photos

I just noticed what seems to be water damage near this door. It wasn’t there 6 months ago and I’m not sure when it started or how quickly it has spread. Since I’m not the handiest DIYer around I’d prefer to call someone to come take care of it, unless there’s a simple/easy way for me to take care of this myself. If it’s a relatively simple thing to fix, where do I even start? Is the kind of thing I would call a general contractor to look into? Or would it be such a small job I’d have trouble finding someone willing to come out?

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