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Backstory, we moved in recently and found loads of things the survey missed, most fixable with time/elbow grease but one that I have 0 idea on where to start is the kitchen countertops.

Basically, either side of a very cheap sink is gorgeous 1 1/2″/5 cm wood, waxed or varnished at one point in it’s life about 5 years ago and it’s all over the kitchen. It’s lovely. It’s one of the few things the vendor spent money on, alongside the wooden floor.

The bits directly around the sink have water stains, and just look in general torn up.
I debated calling in someone to see if they could sand it down, treat it etc.

Part of the issue is that the sink is far too shallow to be of any real use, you turn the tap on and it instantly splashes the counters, the back splash everything. I’m planning to rip the sink out, and put ina double that is deep enough.
There appears to be some black mold under the splash back as well. I assume I can lift it off and take it to the garage but I’m still trying to work out how the vendor built the kitchen, some counter are upside down and rather than spend the time to flip it he drilled new holes for things so I’m ready for anything.

Where do I start? Get someone in? Spend days sanding it all down? Wax it/varnish it?


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