Water dripping through asbestos ceiling

This isn’t so much asking for repair advice, and more asking about the risk.

View from my desk: https://imgur.com/gallery/EMtma7U

I work for a city government, which means city hall is in shambles because they tried to be good stewards of taxpayer dollars and it’s now backfiring due to lack of maintenance.

I work in the top floor, and we’re getting a lot of rain. Our asbestos ceilings were covered with non-asbestos tiles, but leaks from the roof are now causing leaks through both, and ceiling tiles have fallen onto the office floor.

I’m told asbestos isn’t an issue if it remains undisturbed and non-friable, but does this leak pose a threat to that? We’ve had leaks like this before, but this one is right by my desk, where I’ll be working 8 hours a day for the foreseeable future.

I’ve worked with asbestos before in our previous house, but it was flooring and we just sealed it and went over top with new flooring and that seemed fine, but I don’t know if a water leak is something I should be concerned about.

I should also note there is no intention to do any abatement or repairs, this building is too far gone. The walls are literally walking away from the foundation.

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