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Hi, please excuse my language, native spanish speaker here.

I have a sloping-vertical window example and we have a leak only in the handle of the upper/vertical window, youtube video of the problem in the comment.

The problem is only the handle (no filtration on any other part), and if you leave the window open the water fall out so worst case scenario is sleeping with (a little) open windows on rain days. The multiple windows “experts” that we have call/send video/come don´t have a clue on what could be the problem and we have like +10 neighbors with the same structure who don´t have a problem.

Anyone have any idea what could be? any pointers? so far the solution or hypothesis are:

-structural problem of the type of window (but my neighbors have the same type and don´t have the leak)

-need more silicone sealant (tried, same problem)

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