Water pools up against the side of the house when it rains and I don’t know what to do : HomeImprovement

Location: southern California

I have a region where water pools up (the brown appearing region on the concrete adjacent to the stucco wall of the house) which can take up to 3 days to fully evaporate after a downpour. The red arrow indicates the direction where water flows and grades downhill to, but once it reaches the brown appearing region (red oval) the grading reverses with a very slight incline. Ideally I would like the water to flow downhill all the way to the front yard (indicated by the blue arrows). There is no basement.

I’ve thought about a few solutions and I’m hoping the community can help me decide the best course (or any alternatives):

a) tear up all the concrete and repour/regrade

b) rain gutters

c) French drain along the concrete edge where it meets the house with proper grading

d) pour new concrete over existing concrete with proper grading

e) leave it alone since it rains so infrequently in southern California, the walls are stucco and the foundation seems solid, there’s no basement so it’s unlikely water will damage the house?


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