Water seeping in through roof to room in addition of house

As you’ll see in the below two photos, I noticed the paint on the upper wall & corner of a room in our home’s addition was puffing out. I cut it off removed some and as you can see, water/moisture. When I look outside, there is a large amount of ice build up, around the eavestrough and roof, which I am dealing with, hopefully some upcoming above freezing temperatures will help. It seems that the water seeped in through the roof and has now penetrated the room, getting into the drywall. We will be calling insurance and getting this dealt with asap, however along with mold risks, needed drywall, roofing and other repairs, what can I expect to find back there when clean up and repairs begin? We’ll be having a professional handle this but I am just curious to everyone’s thoughts on what might have happened, similar experiences and what damage to expect. At least it is just (currently from what I see) isolated to a back corner. Thank you!
Puffed out paint and what was underneath: https://imgur.com/a/v62YJS8

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