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My goal is to get a good weather-tight seal on my front door. Currently, on the bottom right corner, I can see daylight coming through the crack between the door and the frame. There is a bit of a draft that comes through. There are a few different issues and I’m not sure which ones are most important.

Please see my photos here:

Here are my observations:

  1. The weather stripping is not torn or cracking. It still seems flexible. Because of the other issues, I don’t think I can simply replace the weather stripping and expect that to solve the problem.

  2. There is a metal door sweep on the bottom of the door. The metal is bending away from the door at the ends and this pushes the weather stripping away from the door when the door is closed.

  3. The door is drooping. The gap between the door and the frame is wider at the bottom than the top on the knob side of the door, and wider at the top than the bottom on the hinge side. So, there is a relatively large gap at the point where the daylight shines through. But, the drooping is not severe enough to result in the door rubbing on the frame at all. The door has self-closing hinges and I’m not sure how to correct the door droop with those.

  4. It is not clear to me which factors are contributing to the bad seal: the weather stripping, the door droop, or the bending door sweep. Or, perhaps there’s something else I’m not considering.

I’m not very knowledgeable or skilled with home improvement stuff. I also have a strata requirement to get approval for any renovations involving the door. So, I would like to know:

  1. Is there anything simple I can do to improve the weather seal without changing anything on the door itself?

  2. If changing things on the door is required, what is the most straightforward way to fix the problem?

I appreciate everyone’s thoughts and opinions. Thank you!

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