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I moved into my house last November and I’m still figuring it some of it’s quirks. The house is on city water, but one spigot outside (and the non-functional irrigation system, story for another time there) run off a well pump to keep lawn watering costs down. I’ve never owned a well pump before, so I just recently learned that the pump cycling on and off while using a sprinkler is not good for the pump. Currently it’s set to run between 40 and 20 psi. If I don’t use a sprinkler and let the hose run it stays on and does not cycle. I think it was not likely an issue when it was powering multiple sprinklers, but with just one sprinkler running it doesn’t let enough water out the other end. A bit of googling lead me to believe I could increase the upper psi limit of the pump and potentially get it to run at a more constant pressure. However, I don’t just want to start turning screws when I’m not sure of the implications. Also, everything I read said to adjust the nut, but mine has a screw. I’m assuming it’s similar, but again, I’m clueless when it comes to well pumps. The pump is a sears 30/50, pressure control is a Furnas, and the tank looks pretty new. Here are some pics of my setup. Well Pump Photos

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