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My wife just came to me after noticing that the carpet in the corner of our living room was damp. Maybe 5 square feet or so. There’s no plumbing nearby, the kids haven’t spilled anything, and it doesn’t smell like cat piss (smells a bit musty instead). There’s no visible damage to the drywall on the walls or ceiling. I took a trip down to our enclosed crawlspace, pulled down the insulation and found that a portion of the subfloor near that wall is wet. It seems like the rim joist is dry.

I’m a bit stumped. The wall used to be an exterior wall but an addition was made so its now an interior wall. I’d imagine that if it was a roof leak though we would see damage to the drywall on at least one side of the wall.

The roof looks like this where the red line is the wall that has damage along the floor. Ceilings are cathedral. We’ve had some icicles coming off the edge of that roof lately but again I’d expect to see drywall damage.

This is what it looks like from outside

Any idea what could be causing this? Who do you even call to try to get help with this kind of thing?

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