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Hey all, have a head scratcher here.. this is my first time doing basic electrical work, but it seems very straight forward. I’m going to describe everything as best I can, if something seems wrong point it out..

I am replacing a light fixture above my kitchen table. It used to have 4 60w lights in it. I’ve replaced it with a Sputnik chandelier, but with Hue led lights so much less energy draw. I only have 2 lights plugged in total. The wires seem straight forward, white black and ground. I flip the breaker, I make the switch, then turn breaker back on. The light comes on. Great.

Then I also replaced the associated dimmer knob for a light switch. So pull out the single pole (ie 2 wires+ground) dimmer knob (circular twisting knob) with a single pole light switch (like an up or down clicker). Again seems straight forward. Turned the breaker off before, turn it back on when done, and light comes on, great.

Next morning, light doesn’t work. Put in another new light bulb, nothing. Light switch on and off doesn’t seem to do anything. I check the breaker, it’s still ok just fine. I knew it was, because the other 2 light boxes and lights off that breaker were working fine.

So now I have no idea what to do.. I switched the switch out with another new one just in case.. and I’m going to try the same with the chandelier when it’s replacement gets here… but I feel like I’m missing something. Is there anything else that could be going on here? Are there special light switches or something? Seriously it’s so much worse that it worked, and then suddenly didn’t overnight.

Pics https://imgur.com/gallery/IE7b9KM

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