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Hello. We have recently bought a property but are not big fans of the fireplace in the lounge = https://imgur.com/a/ja4y0cE

It is quite imposing and we would prefer it not be there. Ideally we would remove the large frame and have a floating wooden beam across the top of the marble part, which would remain.

Behind will be a feature wall painted green, and we did think about the option of just painting the frame white to not be as imposing, but it has a really oddly placed mirror, about the right height for someone who is 5 foot tall, but not much good to anyone else. So painting it white would depend on what we could do with that section. Some form of boarding it off removes the short mirror issue, but then probably looks a bit weird and without anything there to break the frame up, brings the whole thing back to being imposing again.

We do not know if the frame is separate to the marble section, or what state the wall behind is in. Does it just come away from the wall or is it a complete mess that would need re-plastering before doing anything else? No clue. To find out I guess we’d have to start unscrewing (I see 2 screws either side), jam a knife down the back and pull it – but by that point there’s no turning back.

If we removed the whole frame, it would also leave gaps in the floor either side, which would then add a new problem to address. Unless the top half of the frame can be chopped off and bottom half left standing, which would be fine as we could paint that white and still have the log beam sitting across it. But I don’t know how cleanly the frame could be cut in half.

We really don’t know what to do and it is holding off the paint job to the whole flat so is getting a bit stressful.

Our budget is really as much as it costs to fix, although obviously cheaper the better! Any ideas or recommendations would be amazing. Thanks!

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