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I’m building a DIY picket fence in the Tri-Cities WA area. I called 811 and got the underground utilities marked. One of the markings is pictured below, pointed at my house. The only guide to exactly what the markings mean I was able to find makes this marking confusing because it said an arrow indicates a utility, and if there are none the company will just write “No [X]”, but here there are both markings. What’s further confusing is I’m assuming CNG stands for Cascade Natural Gas, but this is an orange marking that indicates communications lines.

I received a report in my email that said all companies reported no underground utilities, including Cascade, except for the water line I was already aware of which was marked elsewhere. I’m assuming this marking is intended to indicate there are no gas lines going to my house, but I wanted an experienced opinion since an ideal location for one of the posts is directly along this line.

The marking: http://imgur.com/a/2cTr1F2

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