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Here is a link to a rough floorplan I put together of my home. It was built 7 years ago and is concrete block on the first and second story. I’m looking to get some ideas of what I can achieve realistically and for some very rough estimates of price.

The thing we don’t like about current downstairs design is primarily that the kitchen is not open. It overlooks the family room with TV/sectional. There is a small bar counter with 4 barstools. But because the dining room is separate, you can’t really entertain easily and have places for people to sit. The pantry is also extremely small.

What would be ideal is if we could knock down those barriers (i don’t know if they are load bearing) where the fridge and oven are and move those things somewhere else.

Bonus points would be if we had enough space to turn that extra area in the front of the house to a small guest room.

I know there are plumbing implications and obviously the load bearing aspect but would like to understand some ideas and options. Any help would be appreciated.

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