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On the skylight, there’s a light brown strip right next to the shingle, if that’s exposed wood, that’s not good and should have had flashing added to prevent water from getting behind the roofing.

The shingles appear to be damaged, and a lot of them. On a new roof, there should not be a noticeable amount of shingles with the decorative grit scraped off to the point where the black is showing. That’s like buying a new car with scratches. One small scratch that you didn’t notice in the shop, maybe you let it go, but 7 or 8 scratches is too many. It’s hard to tell from just the photos whether they left debri on the roof that will go away with time or can be cleaned up with a broom or if the shingles are actually damaged and those black marks are permanent.

I don’t like the shingles overhanging the ends of the roof loosely but it appears that’s what was done originally so they just repeated it. Ideally d style drip edges should be used and a good roofer may have suggested them as an adder. I might just be being picky with that one.

Overall, it doesn’t look great and a new install should. I’d look for damaged shingles and exposed wood.

Also, try and lift the shingles to be sure they removed the plastic strips covering the tar that’s supposed to make the shingles stick to one another so they don’t flap in the wind. If they didn’t do that, you hired real amateurs.

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