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Long story short, I got a projector and I wanted to mount it so it displays in my living room. I’m in a 4th story apartment – I know, I know, I shouldn’t be drilling holes when I’m renting, but I’ve gotten pretty good at drywall repair and all this needed was two bolts.

Got out my stud finder, found what appeared to be a stud (the next one was 19″ or so down which was kind of odd), checked it for AC runs and everything looked to be good.

Then I tried screwing into the “stud”. I gave some new lag screws a try that were supposed to be self-drilling but they didn’t catch, so I grabbed a drill bit to do a pilot hole. Next thing I know, I drilled though what feels like a really thin metal plate. Something like 1/32″ maybe, I barely put pressure on the drill bit and it was through. Behind it is just empty space.

I’m really confused what I may have drilled into. There’s no ductwork that goes across this spot, but it is the bottom side of a little lofted area so there’s a floor on top of it. Maybe it’s fire resistant flashing? I’m not sure.

Here’s a link showing the spot I drilled in proximity to the loft.

I’m hoping anyone has advice on what this might be. I really don’t think it was a protective plate since it took barely any effort to drill through. Any advice on where to find my stud would be great too, since I really don’t want to try to mount a projector with toggle bolts.

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