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Hi guys, I have a stressful job and recently I’ve realized that I don’t feel comfortable at home, so I want to fix it.

I think that home is a place where you escape from the stress of work and life problems and if you’re not happy at home, you won’t find that happiness anywhere else. Well, I don’t have a place to recover from a hard day’s work. And if you know some easy ways to create a calm and peaceful home, please share them.

First of all, I am very annoyed by the mountains of clothes and stuff everywhere, and my chairs and other furniture have long turned into a dump. I couldn’t find the time to solve this problem. And to be honest, I don’t really like doing household chores, or rather I hate it. So, I think I will need professional help, or should I ask a friend to help me?

I wonder how you keep your house clean? When I scroll through the Instagram feed with family photos of my friends (by the way, they have many kids) and think, do all of them have such clean and cozy homes like in the movies, or is it a fake for social media? I live alone, and I can say that my house looks like a big mess, but I really want to create a cozy and calming environment at home. A few of your tips on where I should start will be helpful.

I just want my home to be an inspiring place to wake up, a calming place to return home, and a relaxing place to live. Perhaps you can recommend me some inspiring blogs or Instagram pages. I actually have a place in my house that I really like, it’s my open balcony. And I think I should start with it and turn it into a comfortable place for morning coffee and lovely evenings. I even found some nice furniture on — https://www.gardenfurniture.co.uk — that looks like Pinterest pictures. It seems to me that this is a great idea to start with. Anyway, your thoughts are welcome.

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