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We recently had a storm that dumped buckets of rain, and had flooding in a part of the yard that’s never flooded before. And then it came into the house, over the edge of the slab foundation. Walls are all OK, thank God, but the floors took a fair hit. Being a slab, the engineered hardwood is glued down. Affected floors are only the hallway and MB, but the rest of the ground floor has lots of this same flooring, just not connected to the damaged sections. For the damage, the water lifted the grain, and the finish along with it. Now the floors have these tiny ridges all across the damaged section. As for the flooring itself, it’s pretty cheap stuff. It’s oak, and was only ever 3/8 inch thick. When I needed to patch a small section several years ago, I was informed they don’t even make that stuff anymore. And I have always hated it. A few years ago, we removed some of the flooring to reconfigure a closet. Scraping that stuff up was a bear, and that’s what’s kept me from redoing the entire ground floor.

Is there any reliable way to scrape or sand the surface of the damaged sections and re-poly them without making a major mess of the rest of the floor? I’m a woodworker, so I know what I’d do if this was a piece of furniture. I’ve just got this sinking feeling that I’m going to have to sand the whole floors, and not just the damaged sections.

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