What type of paint to use for a wood basement wetbar? : HomeImprovement

Hi. I’m building a bar in my basement from scratch with no plans and no skill. Pretty happy with where it is so far, but I had planned to gel stain it for that English woody look. It’s not gonna work. Looks like crap due to cheaper plywood blotchyness and wood filler lightness.


So, I need to paint. I’m between two colors: dark reddish mahogany and cream white. Either way: what type of paint should I use? I’ve seen a bunch: epoxy paint, cabinet paint, enamel paint, chalk paint…

What am I looking for? I want an cool looking bar that would fit in a fancy-divey new York speakeasy. Am i after the chalk paint distressed look? Or a more…shiny, cabinet like finish? I’m not sure.

Note: I still have to build the bar top, for which I have some nice hardwood that was taken out of my house. I have epoxy to top that.

Thanks for any advice!!

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