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I’m looking to do a bit of a cosmetic improvement on my basement stairs. I’m mid renovation but the basement is now in good shape so I’d like to finish this last little piece.

I have painted the risers white with a semi gloss white paint. I’m going to paint the treads and landing with Stix primer followed by BM Advance Waterborne interior alkyd in black (onyx). Then add new trim on the landing.

However the landing has old linoleum flooring on it. I’m not able to scrape it all off, I’ll work on it a bit more but it won’t be a smooth paintable surface. So I’m looking to cut a piece of wood to cover it all and then paint. Would I be ok with a piece of plywood you would use for subfloor? That was my initial thought because I believe the treads and risers are also plywood. I’m not looking for a perfect fix, one day I’ll get caps or something when I do new flooring in the basement. I’m just looking to make it look clean and uniform.. Would primed, painted plywood meet my need or should I be looking in a different direction?


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