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Whoooo boy so my house is full of weird surprises but this one has confused people the most. So my house is covered in textured paint (I think). I think it was put on to match the stucco addition, but they covered the whole house (including trim, gutters, basically everything you can see) with it. They even patched some parts WITH STUCCO over top to try to match, and then painted more overtop.

  • -Is this textured paint??? Or asbestos??? I haven’t tested it but I’m going to test for lead before I go too hog wild…

  • -If I take it off something like this, could I just prime and paint like a normal surface ?

  • -Some of it comes off easy, like in sheets… dare I DIY? Has anyone had luck with a painting company taking off this much exterior paint?? Or should I try to texture match??? Some of the house I think is wood siding but… who knows what horrors lie beneath?

edit for asbestos bot- I am not sure when the exterior paint was done, and I’ve had a hard time tracking down information for exterior textured paint…. The previous owners were there from 1980 on and they did a LOT of stuff themselves, so I feel like they did the texture painting at some point in those 30 years.

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