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What would you do with this broken concrete eyesore?


This eyesore came in the back of my house. I desperately want it gone, which is where I’m seeking advice.

It is a 8’ x 31’ x 4” concrete pad, placed upon a perimeter of blocks, and seemingly filled with dirt underneath (or maybe mostly nothing now, given how it proved to be in sufficiently supported)

You can see in the photos how it is cracked and warped. The middle of the pad is nearly a foot low from where it originally was set.

My options as I originally saw them:

  • build a wood deck over top of this thing, covering it up. Not a great option apart from convenience, as it may still be visible and would leave me little room on top, under the door frame etc

  • try to salvage this thing, such as redoing concrete on top of this. Bad idea all around, as it would probably crack again and would be adding onto a mess

  • remove this thing and start fresh.

If anybody else sees alternative options, lmk. For now I’m trying to plan to get the thing removed, but I’m realizing that I’m going to be in at least a grand just getting the 6-8 tons of concrete out of there by means of a roll-off rental. I have a contact with a large dump truck but I don’t know if disposing of it manually would be any more practical.

I imagine I’ll go with a simple wood deck once this is out, but I haven’t gotten to plan that far yet.

I’m just checking to see if I’m overlooking any options due to having stared this problem down for so long. If anyone has suggestions or ideas for removing this thing or for what I should do when it’s gone , let me know. Thanks!

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