Whole House Water Filter Replacement (Entire Unit) : HomeImprovement

Can anyone walk me through how to replace a whole house water filter unit? (Not the filter, but the entire unit.)

Image: Whole house water filter https://imgur.com/gallery/uTqDP90

My plan was to disconnect left side connection with a wrench (is that possible), and the spin the unit loose on the right side.

My concern is that it’s tied directly to the main and if I screw something up the house will be without water until I can find someone to fix it (and my wife will be pissed).

I guess my biggest question is, can the connection on the left be disconnected with a wrench?

I am trying to avoid having to do any soldering.

Any insight or tips are appreciated.

The reason for replacing is because it’s leaking at the release valve (Should I replaced with the same system or upgrade to something better?)

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