Whole slate shingles broken to lay as a mosaic, took 9 months longer than planned. Do you like it? : HomeImprovement

Repurposed slate shingles from a barn built in the early 1800’s! The barn was in Ohio and the guy we got it from was hired to move the sucker the people moving it took the roof off to lighten the load and was gonna just throw the slate away but he saved it for this exact thing. He used it in his bathroom and laid it like subway tiles (whole pieces are about 9×18″) he cleaned em and used the least stained so they had only natural dark greys and used a tan grout that was too much for the eyes for our taste. The other thing is they have 4 holes in each of em from where I assume they just nailed em onto the roof and they also stuck out like my crooked thumb. So that’s the reason for the mosaic. But we paid about $1200 for 1800 sq ft of the stuff. Only used about 750-800 sq ft maybe

Making the tiles was no picnic 🧺 either cause after breaking them down en mass with a hammer (shout-out to habitat restore for the $2.00 1970’s Craftsman hamma) the edges had to be cleaned flat and perpendicular because slate doesn’t break clean no matter how you try. Unless you cut it, with I guess like an angle grinder. But I was too stingy with the electricity to do that bit. Plus then the pieces would have come out too uniform which, I don’t prefer in this mosaic.

The slight unevenness makes it suck a nice natural feel on the foot when no shoes are on, and you bet your sweet ass no shoes allowed either. I think that this photo is right before the sealer went down. The grout darkened nicely to the black we were looking for. Althought the grout isn’t perfect it was my biggest job yet and it’s damn near so I’m quite proud of myself.

Everything else came from Lowe’s and we spent maybe $500 on the concrete board and mortar and grout and everything else. Back breaking and hand tiring work I’m unsure how people do these things for a living! Y’all are troopers!


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