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I live in New England where winters can get as cold as 0 degrees Fahrenheit and summers can be as warm as 90-100 degrees. I am planning on installing a range hood over my stove, and have it rear vent through the wall. The opposite side of that wall is my garage. The vent will turn 90 degrees to the right, travel 6-8ft, and exit the side of the house.

Because the garage is not insulated, I am concerned with condensation in the colder months. What is my best way to combat this? Some ideas so far:

Pitch vent down and have condensation run out of the side of the house Some how box it in and insulate it? (Concern with not being able to access it to clean???) Here is a picture of the garage, approximate point it will punch through the wall, and showing which way it will run towards the side of the house. Thanks in advance.


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