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Hello everyone,

I am not sure if my post should be in Homeimprovement but here goes.

I was getting the AC unit from the basement and saw black dust or mold (Picture attached)

Basically I only use the window unit in the summer (I live in NY) and take it off the window when winter comes. I never paid attention to the inside of the unit or cleaned it, I had this unit for about 2-3 years. I live with my parents who have asthma triggered my dust/mold so I can’t have this lying around.

After looking at the picture, is this mold or black mold? any products recommended to remove or clean it or should I throw the AC away and buy a new one. Right now the unit is sitting outside. Ideally I prefer not buying a new one if this can be cleaned.

If I am buying a new one, should I get a portable unit possibly that cannot have mold growth?

AC: GE unit Model number: AEW06WL

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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