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I have terrible countertops in my house and they need replaced pronto. I’ve settled on wood for several reasons, it’s inexpensive, I can install most of them myself, house is going on the market (job relocation) and this is the only thing I can get installed in the next three months. Yes I have to replace, what I have now will likely kill a sale, tile, different sizes, thicknesses, colors, 1/2 inch sanded grout, and overall hideous. For the record, I didn’t install them, I’ve been dealing with them while working out a renovation, but we didn’t plan on moving so soon after purchase.

I have them going into both kitchen and bathrooms, so I have a couple questions for those who have done this. I know I need to finish all sides, but with what is a question.

For the kitchen, I’ve been looking at the Real Milk Paint https://www.realmilkpaint.com/shop/oils/half-and-half/ and just using this. My concern, is it going to leave an oily finish that in three months I set down a piece of paper and pick up an oily piece of paper ten minutes later? Two, water resistance? It’s going on the sink counter too. I like the idea of this, food safe, etc. but wanted to know if anyone has any experience with it.

Bathrooms, I’m staining at least one bathrooms darker and want it super waterproof. Since it’s not a food space it doesn’t matter if it’s food safe, I’m worried about the moisture. I’ve read that certain finishes will leave water marks or rings. Any ideas?

I plan to do all of this in my garage/shop, so while I’d prefer less fumes, I am in a well ventilated area (and I have masks/ventilators). That said, I’m going to be storing the counters I order in the guest room until I can work with them, there are seven coming and I’m not going to get to all of them at once, the shop is big, it’s not that big.

I do think I may hire a carpenter for one of the counters, it has the kitchen sink (which is cast iron if I don’t replace it), but also has a miter seam that I’m not sure I’m comfortable attempting on my own.

Thoughts, suggestions, etc?

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